About Us

About Our Institution

Rainbow institution provides a variety of learning environments and learning spaces. This institute was established in 2012 by a bunch of scholars with an innovative practice. Mr Hari Prasad and his team came up with the idea of starting an institute that not only offers quality education but also upholds the true spirit of teaching and learning process. Rainbow has been implemented with honest dedication and continuous improvement. Thanks to the relentless efforts of our faculty to make the process of learning truly knowledge oriented, now we are one of the most favorite pick for the students and aspirants in the South Region of Bengaluru.

Our ability to bring the change in the way how students perceive the learning process is what makes us stand out from our peers in the education field. According to recent studies conducted in education sector, Things that comes to student's mind when they hear education & learning are exams, marks & grades. Rainbow is promoting knowledge based true learning system rather than making the education just about exams, marks & ranks.


We will be a world leader in preparing professionals who provide leadership and exemplary educational and related services to improve the lives of individuals in a changing and complex global society.


Nothing extravagant here, we are on a simple yet very practical mission. To help students achieve their academic goals and make them realize the importance of constant learning.


Institute is committed to build student's character along with career. Value based education promoted here, creates positive experience for students & empowers the choices they make in future.

Founder's Message

Dear Parents & Students


We at Rainbow consider that "Education is not preparation for exam, it is to prepare for life itself". It is our duty to nurture the habit of constant learning & building career, Leadership in the students. For a responsible and well-educated society to uproot & Cherish, it is important to nurture the energy and talent our student possess. Our combined efforts would bring out best in their career and best in their lives as well.

We wish you a very productive experience at Rainbow

Why Choose Rainbow?

The institute is well recognized for its teaching quality and delivers best outcomes every year. Our method of teaching is wired with a strong foundation of knowledge and concepts which provides a suitable platform for students to prepare well for their board/annual exams or the other competitive exams. Rainbow’s staff and faculty members are committed and dedicated to students’ academic, cultural, social and overall progress.